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Class of 1985. Neapolitan by origin and upbringing, Partenope (the Siren from Greek mythology associated with my beautiful city) taught me many things; inside my soul I feel the warmth and “serenity” of the sea which, if necessary, can become powerful, wavy and stormy. I am a Pisces ascending Lion; I have a passionate soul at heart but can keep an equally quiet and relaxed attitude on the surface, as my name “Serena” suggests.

I've been proudly sporting my bangs since I was a kid (though sometimes a little crooked) and I won't let any hairdresser cut them; my first cut was given to me by my mother when I was 5 years old (it was a disaster, by the way) and today I continue to keep it in place by myself. My fringe is not the only thing I carry with me from my childhood. I still have the same love for art and images; I started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a pencil between my fingers and never stopped ever since. My childhood was quite rough at times, marked by great loves but also sometimes by emptiness and loneliness and often, as a child, I escaped into my own world made of crayons and pencils, paint and brushes; it helped me to overcome many moments. Today I’m stronger but this world never faded from inside of me; instead it has evolved, guiding me to explore many forms and expressions of Art.

serena by serena 1 portrait
serena by serena 1 portrait serena by serena 1 portrait

I consider love, and the chance to love, the greatest gift that life can give you; the most powerful fuel for any metaphorical engine.

There are many things that I love in fact; I love my dog Rori, who is my little old, grey best friend. To be honest I love all dogs and if I meet one, I have to cuddle him/her for at least 5 minutes!

I love my grandmother, my mother and my sister, who are my story and my memory. I love vintage stuff. I could spend hours in the flea markets in search of small treasures. I love dancing despite being a terribly uncoordinated person! I love everything that is a "game"; be it a role play, a table game, or a simple video game…I’m in! I love to meet people who have been able to keep their inner child alive, just like I did and I try to do every day of my life. I love travelling, UFO documentaries, swing dance, cold pizza at breakfast, warm pyjamas, watching the stars imagining life on the planets up there, Japanese mochi, and learning.

About You

Look around, explore the web and make sure you find a photographer with whom you feel close, with a style you love. Do not be satisfied with anything less. Your photographs will be the only thing that will remain forever with you, with your children and your grandchildren. If you are creative and have a slightly retro spirit, if you do not like to follow the norm, if you feel different to everybody else, if you are romantic, crazy in love and you feel you want a photographer who is both professional and friendly, like an extra guest with a camera (or two :-D!), who is always there for you but very quiet and discreet, well … if this all sounds like just your cup of tea then I could be the right photographer for you.

Prizes and Awards



OMG SERENA I just got the preview of the photos you took and they are so amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything and taking the most wonderful photos. You are so talented!



I just want to say a big THANK YOU for a most enjoyable and memorable morning…Our whole family loves your warm personality! We really love all your fantastic directions on how to appear in front of the camera, and love how you made the photo shoot so easy and enjoyable!



We just received the photos and they are wonderful. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job capturing one of the most special days of our lives. We are so appreciative and grateful to you.



We were 12 Lithuanian girls celebrating hen party in Naples and had an amazing photoshoot with Serena. Her suggestion of shoot locations was excellent. She created a very lovely atmosphere for everyone. The photos turned out amazing and she was so fast by sending it to us! I highly recommend her to those who want to have the most beautiful souvenir from the trip - pictures for memories. Getting to know the city with a photographer is a great idea too! Grazie mille, Serena! :)*



Our son & daughter surprised us for our 25th anniversary while we were in Naples and hired Serena to take some photos as a keepsake. Serena was amazing! She is a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person - we would recommend Serena to take any type of photos whether it’s your wedding or any other special occasion. Thanks Serena, let us know when you visit Canada, we would love to show you the hospitality you showed us today!