What is an Engagement Session

24 August 2019

Have you ever heard about the Engagement Session?

Until few years ago the photographer was hired exclusively to follow the bride and groom during the wedding day, but today, thanks to this new trend, things have changed.

Many future spouses decide to confront with the camera even before the wedding day by settling a session with a professional photographer. The Engagement session could last from one hour up to the entire day!


There are many good reasons to try this unique and fun experience.

For example, breaking the ice with the camera: some photographers often offer the engagement session just to make you feel more confortable, break the ice and make you confident with both the camera and the photographer itself with all its team. So you can live your wedding day without the fear and embarrassment of the camera pointed at you! You could use the phots ror the wedding invitations, Tableau mariage, Video: a series of shots made by a professional photographer can be useful for many purposes; original invitations, personalized placeholders or to compose a beautiful Tableau de Mariage without size problems. Professional photos can in fact be printed in all sizes! Have an extra memory; Emotions start already in the weeks before the wedding… The heartbeat and the butterflies in the stomach, imagining that moment. Why not give yourself a photographic memory even of those days?

You could use the photos for your wedding site, for a slideshow or for the Save The Date. The shots taken during the engagement session could be used to formalize the wedding date with an original Save the Date, to make a video slideshow or for your site with all the wedding info.

But what are the best locations for the engagement session? There is no precise answer. But think about what you want. If you want to create a connection between the engagement photo shoot and the style of your wedding day, choose a location that anticipates the wedding aesthetic mood.

If you do not have this preference then you could choose a place that is dear to you; a place that holds a special memory for you (for example the place where the proposal was made). Get creative with your imagination! You can choose an unusual location like a greenhouse or a playground or point all on the look; vintage clothes and accessories and walk in the historic center!

Or just a simple walk on the beach at sunset or a picnic in the shade of a beautiful tree in a park will offer fantastic insights for a perfect engagement session! Talk with the photographer to choose the best time to take these shots. And if you are shy you can involve your wedding best man and bridesmaids who will help you to have fun and feel more comfortable!

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