General information and useful tips for wedding photography
Your wedding photo shoot will be provided by yours truly and will include photographic coverage of the following moments; the bride and groom getting ready; the ceremony, whether in the church or in any other location; a brief spouses portraits’ session; reception party from the beginning until the cutting of the cake. I’m available for weddings in Naples, Italy but also for locations nearby (Wedding in Ravello – Wedding in Amalfi – Wedding in Positano – Wedding in Capri – Wedding in Ischia – Wedding in Procida – Wedding on the Amalfi coast) but I’m also available for Tuscan Wedding – Puglia Wedding – Ostuni Wedding – Lake Como Wedding – Sicilian wedding – Sardinian Wedding. In short, I can be anywhere your heart desires!

Let’s start with the tips!


Do not underestimate the choice of the locations where the bride and groom will get ready since this will have a major impact on your preparation and on the photographs. Each element in these spaces will appear in your photos and will remain forever etched within them. The choice of a tidy, spacious and bright location, where possible, is very important. Photography is writing with light; This means that a not very bright location may adversely affect your photographs. Look for a place with many windows and choose a bright room. Ask for help from a friend, a brother or sister, or a bridesmaid and best man to help you keep everything in place, to maintain order and to deal with the little problems that may occur during this phase of the day.
For the bride; agree with an appointment with your makeup artist and hairstylist in advance. Some of them may take up to 45 minutes each to prepare you. Therefore, calculate about an hour and a half for makeup and hair in total. By anticipating these operations you can take your time with everything else; not just the photographs but to also spend more time in a relaxed mood with your parents and with those who will be there with you, or even just to take a moment to relax before the big moment.
Do not be afraid to dare, to incorporate some quirky detail into your look, for example; sporty shoes under her dress or his suit, or a colorful detail on the white dress. Or even a hat or a very colorful bow tie. These are just examples, but what I mean is: do not be afraid to express your creativity. Every detail will make you look unique! This will make your look unforgettable, and your wedding very interesting and original.
There are two options for wedding ceremonies; indoor ceremony locations (such as a church) or outdoor locations. With regards to sacred locations, it is best to speak with the officiating priest before the ceremony. Each church has its own rules and each officiant has his own preferences. Some have stricter rules. Make sure you have the opportunity to place your photographers in a place that is close enough to you; this will ensure a better service as it will be possible to capture more intimate and close-up shots. The choice of a bright location will improve the natural effect of the photographs. A very dark and gloomy place may require the use of flash or another kind of artificial lights and the result will be less natural. Remember: natural light always works better in photography. Always. Outdoor locations may incur in the opposite issues with lighting depending on the time of day in which the ritual will take place. If you celebrate your marriage at a time of day in which the sun beats too heavily, such as midday, there is a possibility that photographs will be subject to unreasonably high contrasts and unsightly shadows. To overcome this problem it is better to try to set the ceremony about 3 hours before sunset; In this case, the light will be much warmer, softer and will enhance the faces whilst achieving better atmosphere for the entire location. If you are unable to schedule the ceremony within this time frame you could consider arranging a small gazebo or a baldachin over the altar (or wherever else the spouses will be positioned). This way you can make sure that at least the bride and groom are in shade so as to reduce the high contrasts on their faces.
Always keep your photographer insight on your way from one location to another. Save them a place in your car or if this is not possible make sure you are able to contact them telephonically, for example in case of traffic or if you take alternative routes to reach the same location. In this way, your photographer will always be by your side and avoid missing anything that might happen during your wedding day.
Following the ceremony your guests will have time to reach the location where the party will take place, and relax; they will be entertained with drinks and appetizers from the venue staff. They will chat with each other, greet each other. Some of them might not have seen each other in years. It will be a happy moment for all of them and it will also give them the chance to already be there for you when you reach the location. Not to mention, venue staff will have the time to prepare everything to the very best.
Now is the time to give your photographer a half-hour (aside from the appointed time for travel) to shoot some of what will most likely be the most beautiful photographs of the day; the couple creative portraits. This is the moment in which the most emotional, intense, creative and artistic pictures of the day are born. Enjoy this moment and don't worry about anything else, even if you have a great desire to start the party and meet with friends and relatives; simply 20 to 30 minutes will add unique, unforgettable and irreplaceable memories to your wedding. Once again, the choice of location for this shooting is very important, as well as the time of day. The perfect light can be found during the so-called "golden hour" which occurs an hour and a half before sunset. If it's not possible to schedule this shooting during this time of day, try to find a location that has some shadows spots. The ideal place to take couples' portraits would be in the same location as the party, in order to avoid any problems with transport (in terms of time and traffic). However, unfortunately, not all locations provide nice spots for this kind of shooting. A location with large gardens and wide bright rooms would be perfect. In any case, there are alternative locations outside the venue. It's a good idea to choose a location not too far from the wedding ritual location as well as the wedding party location in order to save time otherwise spent on transport. Much also depends on where you get married, whether in a big city or in a small medieval village, in an inland city or seaside city. You could choose a park surrounded by nature, or a beach that you love. But even a simple walk in a typical area of the city could provide interesting photographic opportunities. Talk with your photographer and let them guide you in your choice. The most important thing is to choose a bright and pristine location; there is no use choosing a panoramic spot of the city if there are rows of parked cars or heaps of overturned garbage alongside it that could irreparably ruin your photographs.
After an opening toast, the real party begins. From this point on, have fun and enjoy your time with friends and family! The photographers will document everything in reportage style keeping their eyes and lenses on you discreetly, without interfering with the events, unless you request some formal family photos, in which case these can certainly be arranged. Make sure everything takes place inadequately lit rooms. An indoor location with sunlight filtering through the windows or an outdoor location with large gazebos would be perfect but if the party is to be held in the evening make sure there is enough adequate lighting that can be supported where necessary by judicious use of a soft flashlight. It 's important to place your photographer's table nearby your own, somewhere where you can avoid the possibility of losing sight of one another; in this way, the photographer will not miss any moment. Enjoy the dances, the hugs, the smiles of those who are there to celebrate with you on your special day; your photographers will follow you discretely throughout the evening.
Make sure that the cake is situated in a well-lit spot whether this is indoors or outdoors. Otherwise, the photographs may develop a very dark background whilst being too bright on the cake, with an unpleasant effect.
In an age in which digital photography is readily available to anyone, plenty of people improvise photography skills without actually having the technical knowledge, sense of framing, the experience, the ability to capture the moment. Ask yourself this; what is the value of my memories? Your photographs will be one of the few things, perhaps the only one, that will always remain. The flowers, the makeup, the dress, the party, the dinner, the party favours; these all last but just one day. Your photographs last forever. Do not place your trust in those who ask for unreasonably low prices compared to other professionals; this is not a sign of convenience but simply of an unprofessional photographer. Ask the photographer to let you see complete wedding reportages from previous clients rather than just a small selection of photographs, in order to verify the consistency of his/her style. Talk to them, ask any questions you have in mind without hesitation. Entrust your memories to a photographer of whom you appreciate the style, point of view and post-production, elements which are not to be underestimated. This you will not regret.
I hope these tips have been useful. Remember; the perfect wedding does not exist. Even small mishaps can make a beautiful and memorable day. The most important thing is to fully enjoy your day. There could be small hitches of course; don't let these ruin your party. Leave the stress at home. It 's your day, the day in which you are forever united with your love. After all, you've managed to find each other amongst millions of people in the world, so what in the world could be more perfect than this?
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