The videos I will propose to you will reflect my photographic style. The video makers I work with will dive right into your love story with me to create a work that will be, above all, full of emotions. There will be no directors or forced poses, but only the unique story of your wedding. Your wedding will be told like a movie; film shoots, impact music and the highest attention to every detail. You will have the authenticity of the wedding reportage style fused with the beauty of a movie. Like with your photos,  we will take care of every emotion to make your wedding day extraordinary and give you a memory to cherish forever.

The video makers that I work with are professionals with whom I’ve been working with for many years. Over this time I have witnessed their professionalism and reliability, which is why I propose them to you now. They will provide a video lasting up to 20 minutes and a maximum 2-minute long trailer featuring the wedding highlights. However, if you have a trustworthy video maker, you can of course provide one for yourself.

These are some example of trailers.

Claudia & Roberto



Luigi & Nico


dandelion element yellow min


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